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Sometimes you can find the answers to things in places you may have never expected it to be, if you have a keen eye and you’re open to seeing it. Such is the case with how we, as a (western?) society, regard one particular aspect of step families.

Firstly it is very simple to see how the theme of step families involves so many people. With divorce rates approaching almost a coin flip on any marriage a great many of us are ourselves a part of a step family.

One thing that will always be a part of us is our sexual desires but when it comes to family it implies incest and noone is ever going to say anything out loud about that if it means you have some associated desire. So those people turn to anonymity and internet porn provides just that.

Now all that’s left is noticing how popular the step family porn genre is and you know exactly how many of us have fantasies about fucking a member or members of our own step families. By the way, the genre is extremely popular 😉

So, you may as well help yourself to a Foster Tapes discount for 47% off, nobody will know.

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